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Earth plaster

Earth plaster can be used to finish of any wall that has been build. Oskam-vf can provide you with all kinds of different materials that can be used for earth plaster. It is also possible to purchase machines which make it possible to make earth plaster, anywhere it is needed. We believe that comfortable housing is needed all over the world and that our machines can contribute to the constructions of these houses.

Earth plaster can be used on every wall

The way a wall is build is not an issue. Earth plaster can provide a well looking finish on every wall. The making of a good earth plaster can be a problem, when the machines which are needed are not available. Oskam-vf sells small machines which can be used everywhere in the world. These high quality machines can provide earth plaster where it is needed.


It is possible to order a machine which can provide earth plaster anywhere in the world. For us it is possible to ship out machines wherever you need them. When you want to know more about our products or about how earth plaster can help your projects, please contact us. You can do so by sending an e-mail to info@oskam-vf.com or by calling +31(0)180 – 66 39 98. Our staff is dedicated to help you solve your problems.

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